Making of collaged meadows

In my last blog I spoke about how I switched up my way of working to account for changes in my daily routine due to COVID. I have been playing around with the idea of collage for over a year now – understanding paper texture, matt vs gloss ( not a fan of gloss yet ), looking for paper in vintage shops, oxfam bookstores and what not. In fact some of the paper I have used in these collages is paper that I collected when we were living in Japan, when I had no clue what to do with that paper. I only knew I had to possess it !! Perhaps I was trying to manifest my future self. 

I love daffodils. The first sight of them makes my heart lighter, knowing that spring is around the corner. We have quite a few beautiful stretches of daffodils in our neighbourhood and walking through them always makes me smile. Daisies remind me of my daughter and her friends, making daisy chains, running around in daisy filled meadows on the heath. Daisies make me think of sun filled days and laughter. By now you have made the connection that these flowers stand for joy in my mind and that’s exactly what I wanted to feel when I was making these pieces. Amongst all the unease swirling in the background from March to July I needed to have that one thing that made me feel light & positive.These works were that ONE thing.

I did quite a bit of drawing from photographs before I started these pieces. I wanted to memorise the shapes so that when I was working on the final pieces I was working intuitively and not really referring to any photos or flowers in front of me. Working like this gives me the freedom to be quirky but retains the connection to the original flowers and all the emotions associated with them. 

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