About me


I paint to capture my impressions of walking in nature and share the awe and joy I feel while exploring it, be it in my neighbourhood or further afield.
Over the course of the pandemic, walking in nature, identifying plants, observing seasonal changes and understanding human connections and interactions with nature has become very important to me and is reflected in my work.

I work on paper – primarily in pencil, water based media and collage. Having lived in Tokyo, Japan for many years I am very interested in the art of brush painting and am a student of Chinese Brush Painting. My compositions and brushwork are often influenced by these art traditions. I am happiest working outdoors, in sketchbooks, trying to capture the abundance of nature.

Many of my paintings have a sketchbook memory associated with them. By painting directly, without a planned composition or under-drawing, the paintings stay true to the energy and spontaneity of the sketchbook. Each brush stroke is intentional and the painting develops as a response to the marks made on the paper.
I also enjoy drawing, the contemplative nature of drawing and layering plant forms allows me to sift through my memories and experiences of time spent in various natural environments.