About me

I make art because, simply put, I cannot imagine NOT making art. It gives me immense joy and a deep rooted satisfaction. I work out of our flat in London, which luckily, is flooded with beautiful light. When I am not making art I am a mother, wife, house manager!!

Interactions with my family, the time constraints, the juggling acts, all influence my practice, push me to think out of the box and do more with what is available.

My degree is in Computer Engineering and I  enjoyed my 14 year stint in banking technology but a chance opportunity in 2015 allowed me to shift time to making art. It’s something I did often and passionately as a younger person but lost track of while navigating my way in my engineering career.

As an engineer you work towards a well established goal, a solution that satisfies well defined criteria. As an abstract artist I love that I am not solving for a predetermined outcome but enjoying the journey of the creative process.These two different thought processes co-exist in my head and the push and pull between them is what drives my creative process.

Coming to art later in life has allowed me to sift through our experiences in all the different places we have lived in, be it India, New York, Tokyo or London. It is enabling me to play with the distinct visuals, sights and sounds of these places while holding myself as the point of intersection.